SF Bay Area Postpartum Doula

Kristen Brooks is a doula offering post-partum care services in the East Bay, SF and Marin. She has experience working with moms (and their single babies, twins, and partners) both during the day and for overnight care.

Her doula journey began with an obsession to become a midwife.

In her research in how to become a certified nurse midwife, she discovered this thing called “doula” – way back in 1998 before many people had heard of doulas.

She became deeply interested in birth and doula work, and took trainings with DONA (Doulas of North America) and ALACE (Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators.)

She attended several births in San Francisco in the early 2000s, only to suspect that her true obsession with birth was perhaps being fueled by her deep desire to get pregnant and birth babies herself.

So she spent her entire 30s doing that…..

Raising three young children quickly sapped her birth doula career, but led her to the predictable schedules of offering moms and their babies post-partum care. She took another DONA training, this time focused on post-partum care and began offering services as her schedule permits.

She enjoys wearing a newborn baby while tidying up a kitchen and preparing a light nutritious meal while mom naps upstairs.

She spent 5 months offering 50 hours/week with a mom and her twins – traveling with them, caring for mom at first, and then the twins as mom transitioned back to work.

She loves to help a family plan out the most efficient, stress-free, cost-efficient solutions to managing their new caretaking routines with baby – including introducing the family to (possibly) new resources such as Three Stone Hearth and Instacart.

Finally, Kristen has discovered there is an archetype of the midwife, wisewoman, healer….and it’s that archetype that has been calling her along. Now, as a seasoned caretaker herself, she offers new moms a balm to their uncertainty and anxiety, along with a sense of grounded calmness and assuredness, that can nurture and nourish and guide the young family in their early days.

Kristen Brooks
Berkeley, CA


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